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Your donations will get you One Boy USO/Pint Sized Patriots items. All proceeds go towards the care packages I ship overseas to our deployed troops
(shipping and handling charges are for US shipments, email us for overseas shipment info).
Dont forget to check out my Facebook page after your order.    Thank you! Cody


Gildan Ultra Cotton Long Sleeved T’s sizes…Adult S – Adult 5XL. We have a limited number of long sleeved shirts. Prices are $20 for S-XL and $24 for 2XL – 5XL. (Out of S,M,L,3XL and 4XL).

Shirt Size :
Red LondgSleeved One Boy USO T Shirt (XL)  $20 ($4 s&h)

Shirt Size :
Red Long Sleeved One Boy USO T Shirt (2XL, 5XL)  $24 ($4 s&h)

Hoodies! We only have a few left, please email us to see if we still have some available. At this time we only have 2XL. Email is


Red Gildan Embroidered Polo Shirts are in!! Order your 3 button Polo shirt to wear to the office on Fridays, out to dinner or out on the golf course!
The Polo shirts have an embroidered logo like that on the front of the red tee-shirts above and  have an embroidered red, white and blue flag
on the right sleeve! Order yours today to make sure you get the size you want.

Shirt Size :
Red One Boy USO Polo Shirt (L,XL)  $30 ($4 s&h)

Shirt Size :
Red One Boy USO Polo Shirt (2XL)  $34 ($4 s&h)

This shirt designed by Clayton Murwin with Heroes Fallen Studios. Get yours before they are gone.

Shirt Size :
Black One Boy USO T-shirt (S,M,L)  $25 (FREE s&h)


RED Short Sleeved Shirts are finally here, show your support on RED Shirt Fridays with this Red Shirt with Cody’s new logo! (These shirts are almost gone, get your limited edition One Boy USO RED Friday Shirt now,

Shirt Size :
Red One Boy USO T-shirt (YM,S,M,L,XL,2XL)  $15 ($3 s&h)



Donate $25 and get the new One Boy USO shirt  (FREE s&h) (Out of Large and XLarge)

Shirt Size :
One Boy USO T-shirt  $25 (FREE s&h)

Paracord Bracelets, we have the following colors, just let us know in the Pay Pal instructions what colors and what size you want. Measure your wrist and add 1 inch to it.

Yellow, Hot Pink, Purple, Black, OD Green,Sand, Grey, White, Blue, Red

Pink Camo, Brown Camo, Black/Yellow, Vietnam Colors, Yellow Camo, ACU Camo

Single or Dual Color Paracord Monkey Fist  $30, appx 20 inches long, ball is about 7 inches in diameter (tell us the 1 or 2 colors you want)

Paracord Monkey Fist – $30 (plus $3.00 sh&h)

Single or Dual Color Paracord small Monkey Fist keychain $10 (tell us the 1 or  2 colors you want)

Paracord Monkey Fist Small Keychain – $10 (plus $2.50 sh&h)

Single or Dual Color Paracord Bracelet $7 (tell us the 1 or  2 colors and size you need)

Paracord Bracelet 1 or 2 colors – $7 (plus $2.50 sh&h)

Campaign Colors Paracord Bracelet $10 (Tell us the 3 colors you want and size)

Paracord Bracelet Campaign – $10 (plus $2.50 sh&h)


Tire Tread Paracord Bracelet $10 (Tell us the 3 colors you want and size)

Paracord Bracelet Tire Tread – $10 (plus $2.50 sh&h)


Pint Sized Patriots Standing Tall Book (autographed)- $25 ($2.50 s&h)
Pint Sized Patriots Standing Tall

Standing Tall – $25 (plus $2.50 sh&h)


Pint Sized Patriots Coloring and Activity Book (autographed)- $6 donation ($2 s&h)

Coloring and Activity Book

Coloring and Activity Book – $6 (plus $2 s&h)


New package options!! Prices include shopping and shipping!

You can purchase for “any troop” or you can request to be sent to a specific hero, please tell us if male or female, and let us know if you know there is a working dog so we can include something for the 4-legged hero, too. If you want the package to go to a specific hero we will need the address, so please be sure the address is good for at least 2 months after your order.


$45 #1 Large “It Fits It Ships” Package 12x12x6

Toothbrush and Toothpaste,Shampoo and Deodorant,Tuna packets and Hormel Compleats,Hot sauce, spices,Peanut butter,Snacks and Candy

Coffee, Hot Chocolate, drink mixes,Book/magazines,Note cards and pens/pencils,Ziplock bags


Option #1 Care Package – $45


$65 #2 12x12x12 “Extra Love” Care Package

Toothbrush and Toothpaste,Shampoo and Deodorant,Razors and shave gel,Sunscreen,Tuna packets and Hormel Compleats,Ramen noodles,

Oatmeal and granola bars,Hot sauce, spices, grinders,Peanut butter,Bacon bits,Snacks and Candy,Coffee, Hot Chocolate, drink mixes,

Book/magazines,Note cards and pens/pencils,Chips, jerky, sunflower seeds,Socks, hot hands, cough drops,Band aids, foot powder,

Wet wipes, body soap,Toys/fun stuff,Ziplock bags



Option #2 Care Package – $65


$165 #3 "Super Hero" 50 Pound Care Package Donation (14x14x14)
Your donation of $165 will send a 50 pound package that will be enough supplies for 3-5 troops!
Includes all for Package Option #2 in larger quantities plus more!All package contents subject to change based on price and availability…
we won’t short-change any box, we will get as much as we can for the price offered!!  (If you can’t see the option when you go to the paypal,
you can donate the amount and request the option number/name in the notes along with the address if you want it to go to someone special!)


Option #3 Care Package – $165



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