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Cody_PicThis page is dedicated to Cody Jackson, or the Operation99 (99 is a Naval term that means ALL HANDS, Cody wants ALL HANDS to help him support the troops!).  Cody has made it his personal mission to thank as many of our troops as he can, either by shaking their hand, welcoming them home or sending packages to those still deployed.

Since Cody was 4, he has been very aware of the close relationship between our military and the wonderful freedom we enjoy. Since explaining the events of 9/11 Cody has felt the irresistible need to show his gratitude as often as he could. During the years, he has met countless men and women in uniform, retired, and veterans. Each hold a special place in his and his family’s heart. The kindness of strangers isn’t dead, it is alive and well, you just have to shake a hero’s hand to find it.

Cody is currently accepting donations to help send care packages to troops still deployed. We are also accepting letters, drawings, anything to cheer up our troops to include in the packages, every little thing helps!

If you want to donate money to Cody as tax deductible  please send us an email and we can tell you how.  All money Cody collects he uses to send packages to the troops serving overseas. We are asked about what we send and how much a box will cost. Most of the boxes Cody puts together are between 45 and 55 pounds, the cost is around $100 each and the shipping is between $40 – $60 each.
So far Cody has shipped over 9,000 pounds of care packages overseas!
There are pictures and a more detailed description of what Cody puts in the boxes on his Facebook page. Thank you to all for your support.
You can email us at CodyOperation99@gmail.com

Please visit him on Facebook!   www.facebook.com/1boyuso

Cody’s Google + page can be found at https://plus.google.com/102841636134860399975

Cody Jackson
PO Box 1117
Troy, VA 22974


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Monthly - Donations are for packages for deployed troops. (You may cancel anytime) Thank you!
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