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Stars and Stripes Newspaper from Biloxi, MS Visit

Cody Jackson visited Biloxi, MS on Thursday and Friday (March 27-28). He visited the USO at the airport, Keesler AFB, The Fisher House, Seabees Base and the Armed Forces Retirement Home. Stars and Stripes picked up the story and it can be found here:

One Boy USO in Classic City Today News Story

Cody Jackson, aka One Boy USO, was featured in Sundays edition (July 28th, 2013) of Classic City Today. 
You can read the story here.  A Child on a Mission -> OneBoyUSO

One Boy USO
PO Box 5972
Alpharetta, GA 30023

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Hometown Hero: Alpharetta 9-year-old greets, honors troops


Posted: 1:02 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 8, 2013

Hometown Hero: Alpharetta 9-year-old greets, honors troops

By Bill Hendrick

Vietnam veterans Billy Darby of Cumming recalls being welcomed home with a cold shoulder. That’s why he considers the warm smile and a firm if tiny handshake that pint-sized Alpharetta fourth grader Cody Jackson gives to troops home from Afghanistan a special gift.

Cody goes to Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport every chance he gets, decked out in a camoflauge uniform of his own, dashing around from trooper to trooper, handing each candy or gum.

He also wears his hair in a “high and tight” fashion, so he looks like a miniature of the young men he runs up to and salutes.

Troops of all branches often kneel so they can make eye contact with Cody, smiling and making small talk.

“Thank you for protecting us,” Cody says, saluting and schmoozing. The troops appear surprised but pleased by Cody’s respectful demeanor.

To many, he’s like the little brother or maybe the son they left behind.

Cody, who is 9, was honored recently for his volunteer work by the Cumming chapter of the Vietnam Veterans of America. He was made an honorary member of Chapter 1030 and given a VVA cap by Darby, who recalls being harassed in the Atlanta airport on his return from Vietnam in the ‘70s.

In addition to greeting troops as often as he can get his parents, Ken and Kelly Jackson, to take him to the airport, the youngster has his own website,, where he sells T-shirts and other donated items to raise money for packages of goodies to send to Afghanistan.

Cody’s dad says his son has sold more than 2,000 copies of his two books, “Pint-Sized Patriots, Standing Tall” and “Pint-Sized Patriots, Coloring and Activity Book.” The books can be purchased on the website by credit card or PayPal and all proceeds go to stuffing gift parcels for troops.

So why does Cody do it?

“Because they are risking their lives to protect us and it is the right thing to do,” he says.

The youngster says he’s been at his “job” since his parents told him about the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

Darby says the VVA decided to honor Cody “because he does all this incredible stuff for our troops. These guys coming back are not expecting a little guy to be greeting them, to honor them.”

Cody was at a Memorial Day ceremony in Cumming, Darby says, “putting flags down to honor those who served. Every time a name was called, he’d salute.”

Cody’s mom says the cost of candy, gas and airport parking “is a small price to pay for all the sacrifices our troops willingly go through for us.”

Jackson, an energy analyst, says his son has “personally thanked over 12,000 troops and veterans” and sent more than 1,800 pounds of packages overseas.”

The “stuff” for the boxes is $80 – $120 and shipping is $40 – $50, he says, so each box is around $120-$170.

Donations to cover costs can be made via Cody’s website or his Facebook page, One Boy USO. He also solicits addresses of troops.

“All proceeds go toward his packages,” Ken Jackson says.

Cody uses his allowance to pay for candy he hands out.

His smiles, says Darby, are free.

One Boy USO receives Gold Presidential Volunteer Service Award

One Boy USO receives Gold Presidential Volunteer Service Award

Jan 8, 2013 5:31 p.m.
story image +

ROSWELL, GA (CBS ATLANTA) – Congressman Tom Price presented Cody Jackson with the Gold Presidential Volunteer Service award Tuesday. To earn the award, a kid must complete more than 100 volunteer hours. Cody’s completed more than 600 in 2012 alone.

The fourth-grader goes to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport a few times a month. He was given the nickname "One Boy USO" after making it his mission to thank troops in a number of ways.

It started when Jackson was 4 years old. That’s when he asked his parents why the wait at the airport was so long.

"I was asking about the security and they told me about 9/11 and that’s when it started. My dad said, ‘There’s a soldier over there, go thank them,’" Cody said.

Since then Cody packs care packages to send overseas. He shipped over 1,800 pounds of stuff last year alone. And, he’s greeted more than 12,000 troops, either welcoming them home or sending them off.

The award is given to those making a difference in their community, and who inspire others through their volunteer service.

"The men and women who protect us deserve our accolades every single day and Cody has clearly recognized that at a very young age," Price said.

Cody, humbled by the award, said it’s the soldiers he salutes that are the ones deserving of the award.

"They’ve done more hours than I’ve done and they’re risking their lives and they’re doing better things," Cody said.

This is the first time Price has presented a gold award in his district.

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