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Cody’s picture book “Standing Tall”  (Sold Out)

Open this book to learn all about the good ol’ US of A as author and One Boy USO Cody Jackson talks about some of the lesser known facts about what makes this country great!

 Pint SIzed Patriots Standing Tall


Cody’s coloring book “Pint Sized Patriots” is now available for orders ($6.00 each).
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ISBN: 978-1-937084-50-9

by Cody Jackson

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This coloring and activity book is chock full of fun facts and activities to help kids learn about being a patriot! Cody’s story is inspiring, and so is the story of our country! Explore pages for coloring, crossword puzzles, and fun facts as you find out why America is one of the best countries in the world!

 (see bottom of this page for answers to the puzzles in the Coloring and Activity Book)


About the Author

Cody Jackson is a pint-sized patriot and the One Boy USO, who, at the age of nine, has already thanked 10,000+ of our country’s heroes.

It all began when Cody was four, with a simple question: “Why is it so hard to get on a plane?” Ever since the moment that his parents explained, as well as possible, the event of 9/11, Cody has been a new boy. Every day, he goes out of his way to thank our military men and women. Then, as a way to thank more “soldiers” more often, Cody began collecting donations to help fund care packages to ship to deployed troops.

After noticing the lack of patriotism in his peers, Cody wanted to let other kids know “It’s okay to be patriotic! If I can do it, you can too!” He has written his patriotic children’s books to share his love of America and her military, and hopes to help other children love their country and troops as much as he does!

A portion of all sales of Cody’s books will go toward his efforts as the One Boy USO at


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Here are the answers for Pint Sized Patriots Coloring and Activity Book (Dont look yet if you dont have your book)

P6 Decode this message:

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America

Pg 12 History crossword





Pg 13 Scramble!

Vote, Rights, Liberty, Freedom, Speech, Military, Governor, Mayor, President, Washington


Pg 16 President Crossword

Across  3> Reagan  5> Lincoln  6> Pierce  7> Washington  10> Kennedy  11> Carter  14> Bush  15> Buchanan

Down   1>Madison  2> Polk  4>Roosevelt  8>Garfield  9>Jefferson  12>Adams  13>Harding

Pg 29 Constitution Crossword

Across 1>Citizenship  3>Amendments  4>Democracy  8>Washington  10>Franklin  11>Rights  12>Madison  13>Jefferson  14>Oldest

Down 2>Pennsylvania  5>Happiness  6>Ireland  7>Twelve  9>Knox


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