How Can I Help?

We are often asked “How can I help?” You can send your letters, pictures, drawings or any other items you would like us to put in our packages to send to our deployed heroes.

We are also asked “How much does a package cost?”  A package cost up to $100, and will have supplies (food, toiletries, socks, toys, books for example). The package will cost $40 – $50 to ship depending on size. Any donation you can make is a huge help, those $5 – $20 donations do add up and we appreciate every dollar!

You can use Paypal or send us anything you would like to donate to:


Cody Jackson
PO Box 1117
Troy, VA 22974


Thank you very much for your support and all the kind words, thoughts and prayers!




Monthly Donation
Payment Options
Monthly - Donations are for packages for deployed troops. (You may cancel anytime) Thank you!
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One Time - Donations are for packages for deployed troops. Thank you!
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