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Cruising, what is the 1st thing people talk about after a cruise? Where they went? Formal night? How big the ship is? No, its FOOD! Nothing but food 24/7 right? Pretty much thats it. You need something to eat you don’t have to go far to find it! Ice cream, pies, cakes, cookies, pasta, shrimp, steak, chicken and yes even grits! You name it and chances are good they have it! If they don’t have it then you don’t need it.

So you have been dieting for months before your cruise, or maybe you are in training for it. Getting ready to eat. But where do I go to eat and what kind food is there? NCL offers huge choices when it comes to strapping on the "Ol Feed Bag". Here is a list of places you can try out when you join us in January 2014 for the One Boy USO Salute On The Seas Veterans Cruise. (

Aqua Main Dining Room

True, you are onboard ship, but that’s no reason not to enjoy all the
creature comforts of the big city. Choose from a daily menu that
includes selection of healthy, light choices.
Accommodates: 278
Price per Guest: Complimentary

Bamboo – A Taste of Asia

This elegant adventure into Pan Asian cuisine is a world-class
experience in the finest Japanese, Thai and Chinese cuisine with a
sushi and sashimi bar, a teppanyaki room and many more authentic Asian dishes.
Cuisine: Asian
Accommodates: 98
Price per Guest: $15 – Sushi à la carte

Bimini Grill

Located poolside at the Oasis Pool is Bimini Bar & Grill. Enjoy a
burger, pizza and more delicious grilled items. Then stop by Sprinkles Ice Cream Bar.
Cuisine: Bar & Grill
Price per Guest: Complimentary
Smoking: Allowed

Blue Lagoon

In honor of the midnight snack, we bring you the Blue Lagoon 24-Hour
Food Court. Whether you’re hankering for a burger or the Foot Court-
Style eatery, you can enjoy it all in a family friendly atmosphere day or night.
Accommodates: 86
Price per Guest: Complimentary

Cagney’s Steak House

Steak is the standard at our American-style steakhouse. Select from
choice cuts of Black Angus perfectly prepared like our traditional T-
bone or tender Prime Rib. Your mouth will water, so sip your favorite
cocktail in anticipation. And don’t forget to order our made-from-
scratch jumbo crab cakes and a side of our famous truffle fries.
Cuisine: Steakhouse
Accommodates: 132
Price per Guest: $25

Garden Café

The Garden Café offers a family-friendly menu of omelets, pasta,
soups, salads, and ethnic specialties. There’s even a special kid-
sized section for little eaters.
Cuisine: Buffet
Accommodates: 426
Price per Guest: Complimentary

La Cucina Restaurant

Traditional, tasty and molto italiano! Enjoy pasta with a choice of
seven savory sauces in a casual atmosphere. There are also crispy
fresh salads, pizza, authentic Italian desserts, a fine wine list and
espresso drinks to top off the meal.
Accommodates: 186
Price per Guest: $15

Le Bistro French Restaurant

You may think you’re in La Colombe d’Or, the charming French hotel
filled with the art of its famous patrons, Monet, Van Gogh, Matisse
and Renoir. Le Bistro is a feast for the senses. The walls are adorned
with paintings and the menu is filled with modern classical and
contemporary French gourmet fare.
Cuisine: French
Accommodates: 86
Price per Guest: $20

Moderno Churrascaria

As the succulent skewers of barbequed meats are carved table side, you
control how much you want with the Moderno Green and Red Chip. Green
for go and the carving continues or red to stop. Also, enjoy a wide
selection of perfectly prepared salads, sliced meats and traditional

accompanying dishes from the salad bar.
Cuisine: Churrascaria
Accommodates: 146
Price per Guest: $20

Pizza 24/7

The ocean’s very first Pizza Delivery Service is offered 24 hours a
day aboard Norwegian Dawn. Our Pizza Team is happy to deliver a piping
hot, homemade pie with your favorite toppings directly to your table,
your stateroom, or your favorite bar or lounge. Just ask your server
or call room service to place your order. "Fresh and Freestyle, that’s

Pizza 24/7.
Price per Guest: $5

Room Service

If you can’t come to the restaurant we’ll bring the restaurant to you.
We offer a menu of items, which can be prepared and brought to your
stateroom. Room Service is available 24-hours a day (There will be a
delivery charge from Midnight – 5 am).

Sushi and Sashimi Bar

Enjoy the very best sushi and sashimi expertly prepared as you watch.
Cuisine: Sushi
Accommodates: 17
Price per Guest: Sushi à la carte


Flying shrimp. Onion volcanoes. Twirling knives. The sizzles and
surprises never cease at our authentic Japanese Hibachi restaurant.
Sit around a lively shared table as a skillful chef slices, chops and
grills steak, seafood and chicken on a large steel grill right before
your eyes. Our chilled, sake-infused Wasabi Cocktail will have you

flipping too.
Accommodates: 18
Price per Guest: $25

Venetian Main Dining Room

Imagine a grand Italian Palazzo complete with crystal chandeliers, a
sweeping staircase and an award-winning, five-course menu, that is the
Venetian. The master chefs are members of the international gourmet
society Chaine des Rotisseurs.
Accommodates: 476
Price per Guest: Complimentary

Are you hungry yet? Then come join us for fun! Check out


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