The One Boy USO Reaches Out to Our Brave Soldiers Abroad


The Kid Known as “The One Boy USO” Reaches Out to Our Brave Soldiers Abroad

Dec 29th, 2012 | By | Category: Lead Article, Student Showcase Bridgeway’s Own Cody Jackson’s Gift of Giving Continues Onward, Even When 911 “Season” Ends

There are many of us who enjoy giving – we volunteer at local events, at places of worship, we donate money to hurricane victims or others in need, and work hard to get abandoned pets good homes. We strive to do a good job, and we feel pleased to see our hard efforts help others. Then we’ve done our good deeds for the year… Right?

Not exactly! When outreach and giving becomes a way of life – or a special mission – without a “completion date” in sight, it’s a sign that you have found the generous spirit inside that God wishes for every one of us to possess! One young man, who happens to be a Bridgeway student, has found that generous spirit. Meet Cody Jackson, a very special boy whose love for giving continues to grow with each passing year, and with every person he is able to touch with his personal venture.

According to Cody’s parents:

“Since Cody was 4, he has been very aware of the close relationship between our military and the wonderful freedom we enjoy. Since explaining the events of 9/11, Cody has felt the irresistible need to show his gratitude as often as he could. During the years, he has met countless men and women in uniform, retired, and veterans. Each holds a special place in his and his family’s heart. The kindness of strangers isn’t dead, it is alive and well, you just have to shake a hero’s hand to find it.”

Cody’s Mission

Cody is currently accepting donations to help send care packages to deployed troops. He is also accepting letters, drawings, or anything to cheer up our troops (to include in the packages). All money Cody collects is used to send packages to the troops serving overseas. Most of the care packages Cody puts together are between 45 and 55 pounds, cost around $100 each and range between $40 – $60 in shipping fees. There are pictures and more detailed descriptions of what Cody puts in the boxes on his Facebook page.

Cody has even made the national news, with a guest spot on the Fox News Channel and a local channel on 9/11 to showcase his outreach efforts and how he is touching others. He has also published several books to talk about some of the lesser known facts about what makes this country great. He also shares some great activities with other kids.



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