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(Cody Jackson, aka One Boy USO)

This is a story of a young man that was obviously taught from the cradle what is right.  If you haven’t heard of him yet, we recently picked up on the story of just a great kid from Atlanta, GA, Cody Jackson, that is doing his part, and then some, and is making a real difference.  

The whole thing started while the family was embarking on a trip and passing through security when Cody was only 4 years old and he posed a simple question…"why is it so hard to get on a plane?"  His parents rightfully felt that it was important to explain the events of 9/11 and the direction our nation has been on ever since.  Apparently very bright even then, a light went on and Cody was fixed on a mission.  He recognized that our men and women in uniform are the front line of our defense and he wanted to do something…anything to help; so he tried to volunteer at the USO.  The USO told him to come back when he was 18, but a soldier that overheard the conservation said to him, "that’s alright, you don’t need them. you are your OWN USO."


And thus was born ‘Cody is his own USO.’  Cody doesn’t just thank every man and woman in uniform that he meets or sees, he decided to extend his reach via the internet; he does charity events, has attended Fishing For Freedom events, visits Veterans Homes, was asked to attend a Memorial at Fort Benning this September, and a Navy Retirement ceremony in August.  All that barely scratches the surface of what Cody is up to; he plans on helping with Toys for Tots and makes himself available for events to shake the hands of our heroes. In case you missed it, he was on Fox and Friends on July 8th again, (the last time was back in December).  You can view the July interview by following this link:

When he’s not out spreading his message of thanks to our troops and vets, he is naturally writing and compiling books about it, (because what 9 year old isn’t)?  Really, this super patriotic kid has just finished putting together a Patriotic Children’s Picture Book titled ‘Pint Sized Patriots, Standing Tall,’ just to follow up his first book titled ‘Pint sized Patriots Coloring and Activity Book,’ which is already available for purchase.  

The idea is to instill his love and pride for our troops and nation into other children.  Besides the books, there are also shirts available, (and I would venture that there may be other items down the road).  All proceeds as well as donations are used STRICTLY for the packages he sends to deployed troops, and not the candy he hands out at the airport to returning troops. 

Thus far, he has shipped over 1000 pounds to our troops.  Already a very accomplished young man, my guess is that Cody is just getting started.  We at The Patriots Press salute this remarkable young man and look forward to following him as he continues in his mission.  

To learn more about Cody and how you can get involved, please visit his website at:

You may also visit his Facebook page at:!/1BoyUSO.

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