Troops as far as the eye could see…literally

We spent the afternoon at the airport yesterday, and found out rather quickly there were 6000 +/- troops moving through the already busy airport that day. What a sight…all those uniforms, drill sergeants yelling, hundreds of men and women bellowing aaaaooop! in unison, the sound of it echoing down the halls. Goosebumps were not uncommon. The scariest part? All those “boys”, just getting their paperwork, still in their civvies, with only the backpack to show their allegiance. So many, so young, so proud to be American. Cody walked down line after line of uniforms, shook every hand, saluted as many as he could, thanked every hero that he passed or passed him.

What a sight. At that moment, there wasn’t a safer place to be in Atlanta!

God Bless our Troops!

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