Wake-up Call

I think we have read over 5000 posts about Cody all over the internet through Facebook, news sites, etc.  We found only 1 "stalker", and another 2 or 3 who may have reservations about Cody’s true beliefs and understandings.  What an incredible reaction!  What a great nation!


We found a site that posted Cody’s story, just the story, no tag line, no opinion.  It was a site in the UK.  What a difference of reaction!  Let me give some examples:

"Who is going to protect the USA from itself? Certainly its armies.  So who is going to be courageous enough to break the news to that little boy, who like most little boys, gets impressed by uniforms, big weapons and propaganda"  ~ London, UK

"Poor soul, and already brainwashed too." ~ Zurich

In response to a commentor stating he was proud of Cody  "You are proud of him?  Is he a relative or in what way are you taking credit?"  ~ Rugby (location?)

"Poor brain-washed kid… ….sucker." location unknown

" ‘Thank you for protecting us’ – I didn’t realize America was being invaded." ~ Poole, UK

"I think someone has put him up to this.  Maybe he could explain precisely how they are protecting America by invading foreign countries thousands of miles away?" ~ Montpelier

"protecting America from what exactly?! how sad!" ~ Dubai

"I’ve never understood this concept of ‘being proud’ of ones country. You can be proud of your achievements but your place of birth is purely accidental. You don’t ‘achieve’ Britishness or whatever. I can truly say i am ‘glad’ to be British in case you are wondering…" ~ Rugby

"I can’t quite figure whythis makes me feel uneasy. An eight year old child should surely not be encouraged to act in this way. Time for that when he has more experience of the world. I suspect some parental agenda here" ~ Rugby

"How sad, its seems the american propaganda machine has brainwashed this little dude into thinking these soldiers are protecting america. I hope one day he learns the truth…" ~ location unknown

"It’s really sweet of him but they’re not fighting for HIS freedom unless he owns an oil well or an armaments manufacturing business." ~ Baccytown

Wow…but we decided to use this as a learning tool for the kids.  Look at the anger, hostility, and confustion.  Have we seen this anywhere else?  Have we heard this in the news recently?  Where can we point that may be the reason for this lack of education regarding our country and what we stand for? 

It starts in the home.  We must educate, we must explain, we must allow questions to be asked and answer them factually, without emotion and bias…no matter how ugly the answer may be.

We are Americans, we have a history unlike any other on Earth.  Our nation was born and fought for, it wasn’t given to us.  We are an experiment that has survived beyond expectations.  So yes, we can be PROUD of our country, it IS an accomplishment, teaching our children IS propaganda (defined as both positive and negative), and yes…we are being invaded, we are under attack and we need our troops protection!  Invasion by misinformation, lack of education and loss of patriotism.  

It starts at home.  Our home is America.  We are Americans.  We are lucky to have it.

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